Feb 28, 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands- Lucis, the award-winning ultra powerful, wireless mood LED lamp, will be back with Lucis 3.0 on indiegog in the spring of this year! The new product-line with extended accessories will behold a new lighting system with unique functions. Learn more about lucis and all its news on http://www.lucislamp.com/site/news/

Lucis was previously one of 2016’s breakout crowd-funding stars, having raised over $100,000 and going viral with tech, design, and gadget media. The product was awarded one of BuzzFeed’s ‘Coolest Products of the Year.’ After a successful fulfilment period, the company is back with Lucis Bamboo™, which boasts 450 lumen (40 watt lamp) to excite new fans and charm previous customers all over again. This makes it the strongest and most powerful portable mood light on the market.

    01-02-2018 00:00